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Tech-enabled agricultural supply chain for Africa

Transgriculture aids the distribution of fresh agricultural produce directly from farmers and food processors to the shelves of businesses and the tables of consumers at the most affordable rates.

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  • Quality focus
  • Consistent availability

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Data driven

Real-time trade intelligence from actual transactions enables us to get your farm produce into the right retail stores at the right time,


We offer the safe transportation of all agricultural products within Nigeria and around the continent of Africa, the safety of your products come first.

Deliver smiles

We provide 24hrs delivery,handle returns and customer service through our distribution facilities across Nigeria.

Inventory finance

We provide micro-loans to businesses to enable them to buy more farm produce.

986 Business orders are processed

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Our Mission

Transgriculture's mission is to fix the severely fragmented agricultural supply chain in Africa using technology, thereby making fresh and healthy food accessible to everyone.
We believe that businesses and consumers should have easy access to fresh farm produce without breaking the bank and any hassle,that's why you'll find prices up to 50% OFF.


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Registered retail outlets


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We love small holder and large scale farmers equally!